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Frequently Asked Questions (go to my setup page)

Below is a list of common questions. Check out the Forum if you don't see your question!

How Fish Wrangler Works...

You are allowed to go fishing every 15 minutes. There is a countdown timer in the right-hand corner that will let you know when you fish. Simply click the "Fish Now" button and read your results.

You must be stocked with Chum in order to go fishing. Click the "Store->Chum" tab above and you can purchase different types of chum. You will not always catch a fish every time you go fishing - your chum can be stolen or your chum can fail to attract a fish to your line.

An important part of the game is to expand your Crew, which is done by inviting friends to the application. Your friends (Crew Members) can take you fishing an additional two times an hour.

Earn more points and gold by catching different fish. You will receive a larger reward when you catch rarer fish. The "Fish List" tab gives details on each fish. The fish image will not be displayed until you catch the particular fish.

Your points and gold will increase as you advance in the game. Point totals indicate your overall rank in the game, while gold is the currency in the game. Use your gold to purchase upgraded fishing equipment.

Types of Fishing Trips

A Crew Fishing Trip is when one of your crew members takes you along on their fishing trip. You do not need to be located at the same island in order for crew trips to occur. You are allowed to be taken along by a friend every 30 minutes for up to three days. Make sure you have plenty of chum stocked up! They do not need to do anything special to bring you along, if you simply haven't gone on a Crew Fishing Trip in over 30 minutes when they click the 'Go Fishing' link, then you'll automagically be brought along!

You can lead a crew trip every time you fish and earn bonus points (25 points per crew member, up to 12 crew members). If a crew mate is eligible for a crew trip, you will automatically take them with you when you go fishing.

Beginner Questions

Poles & Leveling


Night Fishing

Red Love Chum (RLC)

Definitions / Miscellaneous

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